Sunday, September 5, 2010


what u give u get back.inilah perasaan aku sekarang.alone.hurt.loser.KERANA APA?it's all because a MAN.a man that i love so much.a man that gives me life.a man that shows me how much i meant to him.a man that keep trying to hold my heart.a man that makes me smile.BUT, he also make me cry over and over.adakah aku terlalu buta untuk memahami hatinya?adakah aku terlalu lemah untuk menyelami dasar hati lelakinya?adakah aku terlalu keras dalam mempertahankan egoku?adakah aku terlalu melampau sehingga mencabar kesabarannya?persoalannya,where is HE?he didn't reply even my single text.he didn't answer my call.he off his phone.he never act this way all this time.he always there beside me every seconds.BUT,tonight im losing him.seriously, this the end of OUR relationship?without goodbye.without explanation.without you and me.i can feel it.sorry for my attitudes towards you.

*lelaki hanya melihat melalui mata,wanita melihat melalui mata hatinya.touch her heart and she will be yours (:

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